Serendipity trails: Children's games and plays

The broad query on children's games and plays produces more than 900 items. They range from children, mostly girls, with dolls and toy animals to children playing with hoops, tops, kites, or knuckle-bones or riding a hobby-horse. They may be straightforward portraits or used in educational settings, in satires and caricatures, or in moralizing emblems.

Querying for bubble blowing as a children's game can easily be combined with bubble blowing in a Vanitas context. With the help of keywords this set may be either limited to pictures that include cupids or, on the contrary, to items that do not include cupids.

Portret van een meisje met speelgoed

Sluijters, Jan

A three year old girl playing with two dolls

Portret van Van Broekhuysen

Hoekstra, T.T.

Portret van jonge jongens verkleed als ridders

Vergouwen, Jeanne

Der Traum des Doktors

Dürer, Albrecht [Inventor]

L'assiette au beurre

Eerste levensfase van tien jaar met spelende kinderen ()

vermeld op object prentmaker: Bruyn, Nicolaes de

A naked boy is blowing bubbles, with one leg resting on a skull, a smoking pot on one side, a lily on the other

Erasmus, Adagiorum chiliades
IV iv 3

Extremum occupet scabies

The last one's a scab

I. V. Zingerle
Das deutsche Kinderspiel im Mittelalter


Le mot, hebdomadaire illustré

Japanse vrouw en kind spelend op balustrade

prentmaker: anoniem

Christmas Presents [1]

About Toys [2]

Das Blinde-Kuh-Spiel

Ramberg, H. [Inventor]

L'assiette au beurre

Kinderen spelend met een rolkar

prentmaker: Mare, Pieter de


prentmaker: anoniem

Kinderen leren een poes dansen, bekend als 'De dansles'

schilder: Steen, Jan Havicksz.

Portret van Daniel van Drumpt en Jacoba van Drumpt