Serendipity trails: Education

Education is an abstraction which connects a myriad of specific scenes, from unruly classrooms to the lessons of a fencing master. A few of the recurring elements of the visualizations of the idea are found in this description of Education in an English paraphrase of Cesare Ripa's Iconologia

A lady at full Age, in Cloth of Gold, a Ray shining upon her; shews
her turgid Breasts, with a Rod in one Hand, seems to teach a Child to
read; on her left Side a Pale fix' d in the Ground, with a tender young
Plant tied thereto, which she embraces with her right Arm.
The Ray signifies, that the Grace of God is necessary, that God gives
the Increase. The Breasts denote the principal Part of Education to teach
candidly, and to communicate; The Rod, Correction; the tender Plant,
to endeavour to direct, and set strait, and to teach good Manners.

A rod for punishing children, a child learning to read, a young tree guided by a pole and the connotation that God gives the increase of knowledge and wisdom.

Military training: handling of rifles

Tafereel in schoollokaal: leraar voor bord, klas kinderen met boekjes

fotograaf: anoniem

Sacred love as a teacher, seated behind a lectern; the human soul as a pupil, on a stool, taking notes

L'assiette au beurre

The Christmas Holidays.—The Boys' Letters Home

Solomon as a teacher

Centaur, holding a sheaf of sticks, looking at a book with a child.

Frau mit einem das Alphabet lernenden Knaben.

Goltzius, Hendrick [Inventor]

L'assiette au beurre

While Plato is teaching Diogenes throws a featherless rooster into the classroom

In a chaotic classroom a donkey is reading a sheet of music while the teacher is about to spank the bare bottom of a pupil

A king (Solomon) with a rod, instructs a child (sitting with an open book)


prentmaker: Mare, Pieter de


Cleyn, Franz [Stecher]

A toddler, holding a rattle, learning to walk in a go-cart

Love is teaching a young man how to play a croquet-like game; a globe lies on the playground

A fencing master is fighting with two of his pupils; two more are watching in the background; a young woman is bringing refreshments

A man is tying a big old tree to a pole to straighten it, like the young trees in the background; another man tells him that this is a useless effort.

Educatione: a seated woman holding a rod with one hand, a young tree with the other; a child with an open book at her side

Two farmers working in the field; one of them is leading water through a side ditch; ons is cutting a small branch from a tree; a young tree is surrounded by a few stakes to ensure straight growth