Partner collections: Manuscripts from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Museum Meermanno

Arkyves contains the illumination of 400 manuscripts from the collections of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Museum Meermann-Westreenianum, both in The Hague. It thus integrates the material that is found on the manuscript website of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek with medieval material found in the collection of the Rijksmuseum and the RKD Images database, as exemplified by this collection of Crucifixion images.

Those 400 manuscripts include 165 Books of Hours with almost 3,000 miniatures and historiated initials, 22 Bible manuscripts with over 2,000 illuminations. You will also find Missals, Lectionaries, Breviaries and other liturgical manuscripts, Psalters and Prayer Books, the Speculum humanae salvationis, Jacob van Maerlant's Der Naturen Bloeme, and several volumes of St. Augustine's De civitate Dei.

Should you want to limit queries to manuscripts, just select Manuscript Illumination as a TYPE filter and set it to includes, as is shown here for the Mass of Saint Gregory the Great. By changing the filter setting to excludes you filter out the manuscript illumination. Removing the filter will obviously give you back all the hits for the query.
This can be done for any theme, as shown here for scenes of Alexander the Great in manuscripts, not in manuscripts, or both in manuscripts and other types of material.

A long list of researchers should be acknowledged for their work of the past 40 years in cataloguing the manuscripts that are included in Arkyves (and on the websites of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Museum Meermanno-Westreenianum). They include: Anne Korteweg, Klara Broekhuijsen-Kruijer, Klaas van der Hoek and the other members of the Byvanck Foundation, Ed van der Vlist, and Yassu Frossati.

Five warriors descend from heaven to protect the Macabbees against the army of Timotheus

The Crucifixion, with Mary and St. John

David points to his eyes

Jacob sleeping on the ground with a stone for pillow

The Creation: God forms Eve from Adam's rib

Philosophy in discussion with a philosopher

The parable of Dives and poor Lazarus: Lazarus in Abraham's bosom, Dives in hell

People worshipping the statues of Bacchus, Bonus Eventus and Pomona; God blessing a dead man and carrying his soul

Alexander the Great riding Bucephalus

Scipio orders the beheading of the rebels of Cartagena

A soldier of Pompeius, having killed a soldier of Sertorius, finds that he has killed his brother; he commits suicide and throws himself onto the pile on which the corpse of his brother is burned

A young man asks Socrates whether he should marry

Fortune turning her wheel

Titus Latinius receiving in his dream a message to the Roman Senate about the Ludi Romani (1st of 3)

Twins of different sex as example against the arguments of astrology: young man at falconry; fishermen angling (background) (1st of 2)


Battle between Walewein and the Romans


The martyrdom of St. Sebastian: tied to a tree, he is pierced by arrows

The mass of St. Gregory the Great: Christ appears on the altar