Miniaturists (list filtered from the Byvanck database by Ed van der Vlist)

Alexander master draughtsman
Alexander master painter
Assumption master
Azor masters
Bible master of the second generation
Boston master
Chief associate of the Bedford master
Claes brouwer
Court style follower
Du prat atelier
Follower of Jean le Tavernier
Follower of the Boston master
Follower of the master of Jean Rolin II
Gethsemane masters
Ghent associates
Jean bondol
Jean Dreux
Jean Fouquet
Jean Hennecart
Jean le tavernier
Juan Mari, follower
Late master of the preeykian realism
Laurentius presbiter de andwerpia
Lieven van Lathem
Loyset Liédet
Maître François
Master Azor, follower
Master F
Master of 1482
Master of 1482, follower
Master of antoine rolin follower
Master of Catherine of Cleves
Master of Isabella di Chiaromonte
Master of Jean Rolin II
Master of Margaret of York
Master of Otto van Moerdrecht
Master of Otto van Moerdrecht follower
Master of the bible of Jean de Sy first master
Master of the Boston City of God
Master of the Cité des Dames
Master of the crowning of Charles VI of the grandes chroniques de france
Master of the dark eyes, Bezborodko master
Master of the Delft halflength figures
Master of the Dresden prayer book
Master of the epïtre dothéa
Master of the feathery clouds
Master of the geneva latini follower
Master of the gold scroll group
Master of the gold scroll group follower
Master of the hague kb 69 b 10
Master of the modena book of hours
Master of the prayer books of c 1500
Master of the trivial heads
Master of the vraie cronicque descoce
Master of zweder van culemborg precursor
Masters of hugo jansz van woerden
Masters of marienwater
Masters of marienwater french style
Masters of otto van moerdrecht
Masters of the dark eyes bezborodko master
Masters of the dark eyes croesinck master
Masters of the delft halflength figures
Masters of the gold scrolls
Masters of the gold scrolls follower
Masters of the haarlem bible
Masters of the suffrages
Mathurin atelier follower
Matteo felice
Meester van de bijbel van jean de sy eerste meester
Michiel van der borch
Moerdrecht master follower
Monkey master
Petrus de raimbaucourt
Psalterium master
Simon bening follower
Subfauvel master
Virgil master
Willem vrelant follower
Workshop of diebold lauber

The spies return from Canaan carrying a large bunch of grapes

Heliodorus in the temple of Jerusalem

The Crucifixion, with Mary, St. John, St. Mary Magdalene and other female saints, the confessing centurion, and soldiers

Harpagus gives Cyrus to a shepherd; Cyrus removed from the bitch by the shepherd

The Crucifixion, with Mary and St. John

The arrest of Christ: the kiss of Judas; the ear of Malchus cut off by St. Peter

Mary sitting on the ground, reads to the Christ-child

St. Paul holding a sword

David playing the harp

St. Paul, holding a cross, speaking to the Romans

St. Paul holding a sword, St. Veronica holding up the veil with the image of Christ and St. Peter holding a key