Dutch Printer's Devices

In 1999 a catalogue of Dutch printer's devices of the 15th - 17th centuries was published by Peter van Huisstede and Hans Brandhorst, in the shape of a book and a CD-ROM. When the copyright agreement with the original publishers expired, all of the digital material was added to Arkyves, where it is now available for searches and also linked to other material, such as portraits and typographical samples.
A printer's device, obviously, is a print made of a specific block or plate. We often find variants - e.g. in size - of the same design, as shown here for the well-known device showing Apollos and Paulus. Also, printers and booksellers were businessmen who continuously and in varying combinations joined forces to produce books. So, it is only logical that some devices have a high 'redundancy rate'. This is mirrored in Arkyves. So, you can make a selection of the devices where all of them occur only once or where they occur as often as they were used by different combinations booksellers and printers.
Devices, shopsigns and addresses and this family portrait of Laurens Jacobsz demonstrate: aggregated sources enrich each other. A short introductory essay to the original catalogue of devices is also included in Arkyves.

dpd_0332: St. Paul setting out a tree (spading), St. Apollos watering it

dpd_0210: St. Paul setting out a tree, St. Apollos watering a tree; a Jahweh-tetragram; 'Hausmarke' with monogram "L.V.B."

dpd_0531: St. Paul setting out a tree, St. Apollos watering it; a Jahweh-tetragram; frame decorated with putti and birds

Portret van Laurens Jacobsz. (....-1603) en zijn gezin

Pietersz., Pieter (I)